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What is Assembly?

We offer assembly of most Mix & Match invitations that are layered (for example the Folio Pockets, Blooms, Cecilia 2-Layer Invitation, etc). Assembly means that we will adhere each layer of the invitation together. If you order a Folio Pocket or Bloom, all of your layers will be mounted directly onto the Pocket or Bloom, unless otherwise specified.  Assembly does not include inserting your invitation and accessory cards directly into your envelopes.

We do not assemble any accessories such as ribbon, seals, etc. If you are assembling yourself, we recommend a strong, thin double sided adhesive to attach the printing layer to the backing layer and then to adhere both layers to the Folio Pockets and Blooms. Please DO NOT use any type of "wet" glue, since you don't want the cardstocks getting damp or wet which can lead to wrinkling and/or buckling, and in some cases we have found with rubber-cement glue, the actual letters falling off your invitation!


Wedding anniversaries are special occasions, meant to be celebrated with family and friends. Whether celebrating your 50th, 25th or even your 10th anniversary, announce your special occasion in style. Choose from our variety of wedding anniversary invitations that range from traditional to whimsical. Anniversary themes and colors to keep in mind: 10th-Tin, 15th-Crystal, 20th-China, 25th-Silver, 30th-Pearl, 40th-Ruby, 50th-Gold. Happy Anniversary!
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  • Amber Wedding Invitations

    Amber Wedding Invitations

    Berrylicious Print Layer, Blue Thermo Ink Ecru Linen Print Layer, Purple and Moss Thermo Ink Cabernet Print Layer, Silver Thermo Ink
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  • Noelle Wedding Invitations

    Noelle Wedding Invitations

    Celery Print Layer, Espresso Thermo Ink Pink Lemonade Print Layer, Taupe Thermo Ink Cabernet Print Layer, Gold Thermo Ink
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  • Addie Wedding Invitations

    Addie Wedding Invitations

    Lime Print Layer, Espresso and Hot Pink Thermo Ink Banana Split Print layer, Blue and Red Thermo Ink Pink Lemonade Print Layer, Plum and Hot Pnk Thermo Ink
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  • Macy Wedding Invitations

    Macy Wedding Invitations

    Ink Metallic Print Layer, Silver Thermo Ink Onyx Print Layer, Silver and Gold Thermo Ink Crimson Print Layer, Silver and Gold Thermo Ink
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  • Layla Wedding Invitations

    Layla Wedding Invitations

    Salmon Print Layer, Black Thermo Ink Berrylicious Print Layer, Navy and Orange Thermo Ink Wild Cherry Print Layer, Silver Thermo Ink
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Custom Anniversary Party Invitations

Our Mix and Match anniversary party invitations are designed to allow you the freedom to customize your invitation, creating one that is unique and personal.


25th Wedding Anniversary Invitations

25th wedding anniversary party invitations with a touch of silver and class to commemorate those special years together! Celebrate this milestone event in style.


50th Wedding Anniversary Invitations offers golden anniversary invitations perfect for 50th wedding anniversary parties. Gold circles border this elegant anniversary party invitation.

How to Customize Your Invitations & Stationery

1-Choose your Paper Colors, 2-Personalize your Wording, 3-Add Accessories, 4-Select Additional Options, 5-Purchase & Enjoy