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What is Assembly?

We offer assembly of most Mix & Match invitations that are layered (for example the Folio Pockets, Blooms, Cecilia 2-Layer Invitation, etc). Assembly means that we will adhere each layer of the invitation together. If you order a Folio Pocket or Bloom, all of your layers will be mounted directly onto the Pocket or Bloom, unless otherwise specified.  Assembly does not include inserting your invitation and accessory cards directly into your envelopes.

We do not assemble any accessories such as ribbon, seals, etc. If you are assembling yourself, we recommend a strong, thin double sided adhesive to attach the printing layer to the backing layer and then to adhere both layers to the Folio Pockets and Blooms. Please DO NOT use any type of "wet" glue, since you don't want the cardstocks getting damp or wet which can lead to wrinkling and/or buckling, and in some cases we have found with rubber-cement glue, the actual letters falling off your invitation!

Party Invitations

Party Invitations

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Birthday Party Invitations

Birthday party invitations from baby's 1st to over-the-hill 60th and every special year in between....and beyond! Delightful invitations in all shapes and sizes filled with balloons, cakes and candles.


Theme Party Invitations

Theme parties are always fun to plan and they're even more fun to attend! Our theme party invitations include western, casino, luau, disco, mexican, sports, decade and jungle themes.


Casual Party Invitations

Our casual party invitations cover everything from a barbeque cookout to a pool party. We've got grills, cocktails, dancing, flip flops, footballs and playing cards covered!


Formal Party Invitations

Invitations for more formal events with an added touch of class and style. It's important that the invitation set the tone of the event which will leave your guests excited and prepared.


Retirement Party Invitations

Retirement parties are once in a lifetime and take just about that long to achieve so why not celebrate in style! Choose from surprise invites, golf themes and toasting glasses.


Graduation Party Invitations

Graduation party invitations to celebrate that important milestone and achievement. Whether it's for a boy or a girl, individual or joint, highschool or college, we've got the invitation for your distinguished grad.